The half-elf green knight


Faction: Emerald Enclave.


Anders Kelmenor was a mercenary veteran, he served in a number of different companies throughout Faerun and the distant lands. Of note, he served longest with the Flaming Fist as an officer and was well regarded by his peers and the men he led.
Not everyone was thrilled about this as it seems, Anders’ rising popularity gave some cause for resentment.
During a battle – one which was surrounded by oddities and strange circumstances – Anders and his men were routing the enemy when he was set upon by several masked flaming fist soldiers. The fight was dirty and vicious, Anders had slain all but one of his assailants. The adversaries faced off both bloody and beaten, the masked man slightly less so. The circled and darted back and forth blades flashing. Anders couldnt afford to let his mind wander to the whereabouts of his loyal soldiers, his vision had begun to blur and a painfully odd sensation had begun to spread from a nasty cut on his forearm.
He stumbled.
The masked mans eyes narrowed.
Anders *gasped… “poison. You dishonorable wretch!”
The masked man dart to the side feinted and slashed, Anders could no longer keep up with his attackers movements and barely evaded the slash intended to finish him, blood spilled down his cheek.
Anders fell to his knees.
Abruptly his attacker turned as if to walk away but paused to looked back and nodded in a somewhat respectful manner.
What exactly happened next as Anders lay there writhing as his body succumbed to the poison is blurred in mysterious death dream memories.
He remembers an incredibly earthly smell and a set of antlers that would have dwarfed the pairs belonging to any buck he had ever seen.
When he woke, he did so in shimmering radiant pool of water above which stood a large oak, its many strong and sturdy roots decended through the pool and into the earth.
He was left with scars but his wounds were healed.
He was greeted by a group of elvish men who claimed to be priests of Rillathane Rallathil, whose avatar they told Anders had manifested (a rare event) itself and saved Anders and brought him to the woods shrine.
His had been chosen as a “green knight”.


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