Storm King's Thunder

Chand's Journal, day 63

Water and giant troubles

(written in Halruaan)

After many dirty and dusty days, this wretched convoy finally arrived in a little village called Nightstone. Anders would usually do the talking but he was busy haggling our pay – again - so that new dragonborn opened his mouth and almost got us attacked. Which would have been inconvenient.

Presently, we found a tavern, and after much effort, I was able to procure a drink of water. Anders was not helpful. He was too busy haggling with the tavern man.

Note: Earlier, the guard, having been persuaded not to attack us, told us that Nighstone had just survived a siege assault from giants stationed atop flying castles. Judging from his expression, I surmise that this is rare occurence in this land.

Note 2: There was also some trouble with the nearby orcs, whom the villagers ran into when they tried to escape the giants' assault.

At the tavern, we spoke to the tavern man, who made strange requests of us. He wanted us to travel to three places and find relatives of three people who died in the giants' assault. I remain perplexed why he asked us to do this. I inquired why he did not simply use his klefexe, to which he replied that he has no such thing, but later changed his mind and said that his klefexe was broken.

Note 3: I should mention that not all of us went to the tavern. It was just me, little Arjan, Anders, and the shield man. Nohie went her own way, as she usually did, and later we learned that she had been speaking with the local beasts, gathering information.

Note 4: Another thing I learned later. Gumpsh and Vrox also foregone the tavern and instead found some dead to speak to. Vrox did this often, and usually to good effect, but all he got this time was confirmation of the guard's story.

I should mention that the tavern man had a name, and that he was Morag. He was strangely unwilling to serve me water, instead he kept giving me "beer", which Anders had earlier informed me to be a common drink in this land.

Note 5: I forgot the dragonborn, who also did not go to the tavern, but instead went scouting the surrounds. He learned little of note.

I inquired Morag as to the location of the orcs. I suggested to my companions that we seek these monsters and rout them. Was this not a worthier endeavour than delivering messages to people of little importance? Regardless, my companions seemed set on this course of action and we prepared to travel to Goldenfields, which was one of the places. 

Gumpsh had to sleep in a more expensive room for the night. I suspect there was foul play, most likely by the dragonborn. Him and Nohie seemed to have a grudge against Gumpsh, because he is a half-orc. I do not understand this. He is a half-dragon. Surely he understands that we are not defined by our ancestry? We are what we become, not what we have been.

We depart tomorrow. Arkle shedarram.



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