Storm King's Thunder

Chand's Journal, day 66


(written in Halruaan)

Zephyros dropped us a short distance from Goldenfields, like a coach at the end of a journey, and left. I am hopeful that we will see see him again.

Goldenfields was a fine city, even with its worn walls. We were greeted by someone from the Emerald Enclave, a local faction to which Nohie and Anders belong. We asked for Mirros and was directed to find him in the tavern. Turned out that Mirros was local tavern man! A chance to both complete our quest and acquire water. This was well indeed.

On the way to the inn, we chanced upon a magnificent statue of a local goddess (Chauntea, the Great Mother, the inscription noted) and a promisingly vital establishment called the Earth Mother's Bounty.

Mirros did not disappoint. He was exceedingly welcoming and promptly provisioned me with the local specialty: goldengut water. It was faintly sweet and fresh and clear. I was sorry to have to break him the news of his parents' death at the hands of the marauding giants – fortunately I was spared of that task as Nohie took it upon her to break the news.  I do note that Revek was playing his lute throughout all this, which I thought was mildly rude given the gravity of the news, but I said nothing since this might have been a local custom that I was not aware of. I will say that the melody had a strangely calming effect.

Mirros took the news as well as anyone could. He left to compose himself and while he was absent, we were joined by a local patron by the name Barry Monteo. Master Monteo dispensed some gossip, including the news that Goldenfields too were recently attacked by giants. It was an ineffective attack, as the attackers were earthbound and stupid, and they failed to meaningfully breach the walls. He also mentioned Captain Strogg, leader of the city guard.

Mirros returned, having composed himself, and treated us to a veritable feast of magnificient foods, and more of that marvellous goldengut water, served in charmingly carved mugs (I later proposed to purchase a carved mug for keepsake and Mirros generously gifted it to me.) I was quite taken with Mirros and his sad news. All I could do was raise my mug of goldengut water and wished his parents a proper messertofe farewell.

I would note that Mirros corroborated Master Monteo's story regarding the giant attack. We mentioned Captain Strogg and it was clear from his expression that Mirros did not think much of the captain.

After the feast, I went to see the captain to seek information, and I too did not think much of him. He was a fundamentally lazy man who somehow  ended up in a position of leadership. I hate that. I hexed him with a minor illusion to get him off his bottom, a harmless goblin who appeared just in the corner of his sight. This juvenile trickery amused me.

Xy and Revek went to brewery to seek information – and in Revek's case, more brew. Again the learned of the giant attack, and also of Naxene, a wizard-protector of the city. More on Naxene later.

(Hell with it, let's talk more on Naxene know. We found her later on in Mirros' tavern, dining among the other patrons. Reserved, obviously intelligent, and beautiful in her own way. She was sent by the lords of Waterdeep on a guardianship assignment in Goldenfields. I can sense that she was very skilled in the arts, although we could not quite connect in this matter as hers is the learned discipline of wizardry, while mine is soul-magic of the storms.)

(Yes, yes, I was smitten, and yes, I did attempt denrezou and failed miserably. But I had to try. And I might try again tomorrow.)

I should mention that Nohie and Scarlet went to talk to their animal friends and were able to acquire substantially new information: sighting of red giants and cloud giants in the area. Unfortunately they were only able to get cursory information on the giants' current whereabouts, but still it confirmed that the power struggle was well underway. Also, there seemed to be no sign of the supposedly friendly giant Harshnag.

We discussed and agreed our next course of action: see if we can find Zephyros again, and continue on our assigned missions. We would keep our eyes and ears open and try to learn more of the giants.

I will sleep now. Alone, regretfully, but perhaps tomorrow night would be different. At least I did not have that red dream anymore. Arkle shedarram.



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